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Anatomy of a Channel Letter

Front-Lit or Standard Letters

Front-Lit or standard letters use aluminum backs and translucent acrylic or polycarbonate faces. Light is emitted from the front of the sign which gives the Front-Lit letter style the best overall visibility.


Day/Night Letters

A Special Front Lit face style is the “Daytime Black / Nighttime White” Face, which allows the best of both worlds. A dark colored face on a light background, but a white letter when the background turns dark at night. It’s an up charge to standard Front Lit channel letters because of the special vinyl used to make this cool feature but well worth the cost if you have “Black Lettering” in your logo.

Reverse- Lit Letters

Reverse or halo-lit letters are essentially the opposite as they mostly have aluminum faces and clear polycarbonate backs. Light is emitted from rear of the sign and projects a halo or soft lighting effect on the building.


Raceway mounted channel letters are attached to a long, custom fabricated aluminum  box that is mounted to the building and houses electrical components required to power the LED. The raceway method is often specified by building owners because it causes less damage to the building.

Raceway Mounted

Individual or direct mount channel letters are attached directly to the building facade. Wiring is routed through the wall to an interior cavity, drop ceiling, or other available space.

Direct Mounted

In the pictures above, you can see examples of Channel Letter signs.   If you are in need of a Channel Letter building sign, we can come out to your place of business and give you an idea of the cost and process to do so.

At Spectrum Signworks, we’re a full service custom sign and graphic design company located in Naples, Florida, and we serve all of Collier County and Lee County with custom signs. If you have any questions about signs for your business, or if you would like a free quote, give us a call or fill out the form in the sidebar to the right.

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