Searching for a Sign Company in Naples, FL Specializing in Property Management Companies?

We specialize in all types of sign products, from lobby signs to floor graphics to vehicle wraps and more. We also specialize in working with specific industries, including real estate and property management.  One of our favorite ways to let people know that we specialize in signs for property management companies is to showcase some of our client’s projects we are working on for them.

Recently, we were contacted by the Adler Group, a commercial property management company located here in Collier County.  They are the company that manages the Collier Business Plaza, which is a fairly large business complex that features multiple tenants from various industries. They called us because they were getting some feedback from their tenants regarding an issue that they needed resolved.

There can be many benefits to operating a business inside of a business park or complex like the Collier Business Plaza.  For one, your business gets to benefit from exposure to extra traffic from customers that visit neighboring tenants in the business park.  But there can also be down sides if not properly addressed. For one, as in this case, if the signage is hard to read or becomes outdated, it can be difficult for customers to find which business they are looking for, which can sometimes result in a loss of business.

That is the complaint our client was receiving from their tenants – it was difficult for their customers to find their locations in the complex.

Ineffective and outdated signage can become a problem, and fortunately there is often an easy solution. All we had to do was update a few pieces of their signage to fix the problem.   We also installed new graphics on the storefront windows for many of the tenants, as well as updating the main directory sign and directory map that lists the various tenants located in the Plaza.  And in order to further improve the signage in the Plaza the Adler Group has us working on a few other sign products which we will showcase in the coming months with a follow-up article.

If you own or manage a property management company and are looking for a great local sign company to provide you with high-quality sign products, we can help. We specialize in all kinds of signs and offer free consultations to all new and existing customers.