Custom Building Signs in Naples, FL: LED Sign, Blade Sign, Building Sign (Provident Jewelry)

Signs that you install on the outside of your building are the main elements that stamp your brand on your location. Instead of one small or large sign to go on the front or side of your building, consider a package of signs that will brand your building in multiple locations and enable your logo and message to be seen from all directions.

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Recently, we were contacted by Provident Jewelry, a great local jewelry store located in Naples, FL. Jewelry signage is one of the areas that we specialize in, but we can make any kind of custom sign for just about any type of business. If you have any questions about signs or how to better brand your building, just give us a call. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and help you explore all of your options.

In the pictures in this article, you can see the three different types of signs for Provident Jewelry. One of them is an outdoor LED illuminated sign, another is a building sign that is not lighted, and the third sign is a Blade sign, which is the one that is mounted over the sidewalk.

All three signs together create a sign package that helps to stamp their building with their logo very clearly. No matter what direction someone approaches from, they are guaranteed to see their logo.

In the jewelry business, one transaction can be highly profitable, so it’s important to jewelry store owners to make sure they are capturing all of the storefront traffic they can. A well-branded building can be a great way to generate new customers.

Written by: Spectrum Signworks – Naples, FL