Searching for Lobby Signs or Tradeshow Signs in Naples, FL? – Project for AmeriPlanning

2Are you searching for lobby signs or tradeshow signs in the Naples, Florida area?

At Spectrum Signworks, we are a full-service custom sign and graphic design company serving the Naples, Florida area and beyond.  We make all kinds of signs, including lobby signs and tradeshow signs.

Recently, we were contacted by AmeriPlanning, an investment company also located here in Naples, Florida. They called us because they needed a lobby sign, as well as some tradeshow signs that they could use to market their business when they attend marketing events. If you take a quick look at the pictures in this article, you’ll see the signs that we made for them.

Lobby signs can be made from a variety of materials, and some of the more common materials are1 acrylic and brushed aluminum.  By creating layers of materials, combined with things like standoffs that help the sign “stand off” from the wall, we are able to create added dimension, which translates to a more professional sign with more of a wow factor.

Depending on the type of business our client owns, and the budget that they are operating within, we will typically recommend certain types of sign products and layouts. But really, there are no set rules. We enjoy designing custom signs for all different types of industries.

If you need a lobby sign, tradeshow signs, or any other type of sign for your business, we would be more than happy to help in any way that we can. Just give us a call, or visit our website for more information.

Written by: Spectrum Signworks


Naples, FL – Custom Building Sign Package Installed on New Facility for Same Day Cleaners

IMG_5529Indoor signs are often considered for their marketing properties, and as a way to impart messages or graphics to the public. They are also an integral way to communicate with your team and staff. Indoor signs are great for reinforcing company missions and values, recognizing those with outstanding performance, and energizing your team with motivational messages. Our team understands the importance of empowering your business through positive communication throughout the workplace, and that includes the pride placed in a business’s brand!

Every company has a mission statement that encompasses the morals and values that the business upholds. It is important to share these values with the workforce to reiterate the way you want your team to conduct business. This can be done with wall graphics, murals, and wall signs. Utilize high resolution images to pair with your mission statement, and give your staff a memorable image of the values that they are perpetuating. Lobby signs are one of the most influential signs for promoting brand reinforcement, and company pride within employees. You can see examples of these signs above and below.

In addition to the signs that are used for brand and staff reiteration, there are also the signs that are needed for regulatory purposes. When you provide food services, there are signs that are needed for the hygienic well-being of customers and staff. Some signs give mandatory warnings and cautionary information to protect the safety of your team and the people within your facility. Whether you nIMG_5532eed of uplifting graphics, mandatory signs, or team recognition, our team will provide the tools you need to get your interior sign package customized to fit your business’s specific needs!

We are a company that specializes in the development of high quality products paired with exceptional service standards. Our goal is supply our clients with the means to completely meet their marketing, organizational, navigational, and regulatory needs. We utilize premium materials, high resolution images, top of the line equipment, and expert techniques to bring you sign and graphic solutions that will be effective, cost efficient, and long lasting. We would love to meet with you to go over the many indoor signs that we have available to aid your team!

Do you have any questions about the indoor signs that are available for you? Would you like to hear about other products and services that are offered? Contact us today, and we will share these answers and more!

Written by: Spectrum Signworks LLC – Naples, Florida


Lobby / Office / Waiting Room Signs in Fort Myers, FL – PROJECT: Simplified Technologies


Your lobby, offices or waiting rooms are one of the most important places for branding your business. It’s one thing to have a great-looking logo and marketing campaign spread throughout your advertising channels and marketing materials. They spark interest and draw people to your location. But when it comes to branding, when someone steps foot in your lobby, it’s completely different.


First impressions are everything, and as the saying goes, you can only make a great first impression once.  So it’s important to brand your lobby area and create a great first impression with high-impact signage. From simple dimensional letters mounted directly to your walls, to elaborate custom designs with high resolution graphics and top-of-the-line materials, we can design lobby, office or waiting room signs that will impress your new customers and existing clients.


The picture in this article is of a lobby sign we recently made for a client of ours, Simplified Technologies. They are a computer services company offering a wide variety of services from merchant services to graphic design. They were looking for a local sign company to work with their team of designers to create a great-looking sign. We offer graphic design services as well, but in this particular case, we coordinated with their design team, by providing the fabrication and installation parts of the process.


Are you searching for a local sign company to design custom sign for your lobby, offices or waiting rooms? We’re a full-service sign company located in Naples, Florida, and we serve businesses in all of Collier and Lee counties.  Contact us the next time you have a sign or graphic design need at your company.


Written by: Spectrum Signworks – Naples, FL


Custom Building Signs in Naples, FL: LED Sign, Blade Sign, Building Sign (Provident Jewelry)

photo 2


Signs that you install on the outside of your building are the main elements that stamp your brand on your location. Instead of one small or large sign to go on the front or side of your building, consider a package of signs that will brand your building in multiple locations and enable your logo and message to be seen from all directions.


Recently, we were contacted by Provident Jewelry, a great local jewelry store located in Naples, FL. Jewelry signage is one of the areas that we specialize in, but we can make any kind of custom sign for just about any type of business. If you have any questions about signs or how to better brand your building, just give us a call. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and help you explore all of your options.


In the pictures in this article, you can see the three different types of signs for Provident Jewelry. 20151223_153101 (00000002)One of them is an outdoor LED illuminated sign, another is a building sign that is not lighted, and the third sign is a Blade sign, which is the one that is mounted over the sidewalk.


All three signs together create a sign package that helps to stamp their building with their logo very clearly. No matter what direction someone approaches from, they are guaranteed to see their logo.


In the jewelry business, one transaction can be highly profitable, so it’s important to jewelry store owners to make sure they are capturing all of the storefront traffic they can. A well branded building can be a great way to generate new customers.


Written by: Spectrum Signworks – Naples, FL



Searching for a Sign Maker in Naples, FL that Specializes in Property Management Companies?

adler window


We specialize in all types of sign products, from lobby signs to floor graphics to vehicle wraps and more. We also specialize in working with specific industries, including real estate and property management.  One of our favorite ways to let people know that we specialize in signs for property management companies is to showcase some of our client’s projects we are working on for them.


Recently, we were contacted by the Adler Group, a commercial property management company located here in Collier County.  They are the company that manages the Collier Business Plaza, which is a fairly large business complex that features multiple tenants from various industries. They called us because they were getting some feedback from their tenants regarding an issue that they needed resolved.


There can be many benefits to operating a business inside of a business park or complex like the Collier Business Plaza.  For one, your business gets to benefit from exposure to extra traffic from customers that visit neighboring tenants in the business park.  But there can also be down sides if not properly addressed. For one, as in this case, if the signage is hard to read or becomes outdated, it can be difficult for customers to find which business they are looking for, which can sometimes result in a loss of business.


IMG_4522That is the complaint our client was receiving from their tenants – it was difficult for their customers to find their locations in the complex.


Ineffective and outdated signage can become a problem, and fortunately there is often an easy solution. All we had to do was update a few pieces of their signage to fix the problem.   We also installed new graphics on the storefront windows for many of the tenants, as well as updating the main directory sign and directory map that lists the various tenants located in the Plaza.  And in order to further improve the signage in the Plaza the Adler Group has us working on a few other sign products which we will showcase in the coming months with a follow-up article.


If you own or manage a property management company and are looking for a great local sign company to provide you with high-quality sign products, we can help. We specialize in all kinds of signs and offer free consultations to all new and existing customers.


Written by: Spectrum Signworks – Naples, FL



Custom Wraps for Trailer Fabricated in Naples, FL for Barron Collier High School


Product: trailer wrap

Location: Naples, Florida

Client: Barron Collier High School


In a world of stationary advertisements, take an initiative with your companies brand by investing in mobile marketing tools! These products have the power to put your company’s identity in the eyes of new prospective customers with every drive that your vehicle makes. Some of the most effective results found with vehicle graphics and wraps are those that occur with business and organization vehicles. Do you have one or more vehicles that are used to promote your business, school, or organization? Are you providing services that require mobility? These vehicles can become your greatest advertising asset with the right design and imagery. Reach a new targeted audience with every drive, and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the community. Take advantage of the growing industry to advertise your brand along side of the roadways of your area!

When Spectrum Signworks was approached by Barron Collier High School for a custom trailer wrap, we were excited to get started! This project was to create an accurate representation of the client’s brand with a full-body trailer wrap. The wrap will feature the mascot, logo, and colors of the school with bold lettering, and a creative design. You can see in the images that are above and below, our final package was a complete success! The public will be fully aware that the vehicle belongs to the band of Barron Collier High School with its complimentary design!bc_band2

At Spectrum Signworks, we want to provide our clients with more than just the prime products we offer. We want to supply superior service, as well. Allow us to be there from the beginning, we will handle the design, fabrication, and installation of all your sign products right by your side. Your final results will be signage that exceeds expectations, and an experience that left you feeling satisfied. We are a full-service custom sign and graphics company located in the Naples area of Florida. Come in and let’s set up a plan for a sign package just right for your business.

If you have any questions about vehicle graphics or any of the other products we offer, give us a call today. We have experts on hand that would love to help you begin your signage journey!


Customized Sports Arena Banners for Hockey Champs in Naples, FL

Custom Banners

Location: DeKalb, Illinois

Client: Northern Illinois University

At Spectrum Signworks, we had a recent customer who needed custom banners to be hung up in their arena showing all hockey playoffs and championships. As avid hockey fans, we were excited to get this job done for The Northern Illinois University hockey team.

From the photos, you can see the on-point final product. We’ll be able to match the colors, fonts, and graphics you want for your banner to best reflect your branding and message. Banners can come in different sizes and shapes beyond just a rectangle, so let us know if you have something else in mind. Additionally, you can choose how you want your banner to be hung up. Most often, our clients choose grommets, but there’s also the option of magnets or Velcro. Another thing to pick out is the material. Commonly used is vinyl, but fabric and mesh are available, too. You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to crafting your look!

The client was so happy with their banners, The assistant coach took time from his busy day to write us this kind thank you letter. Brian tells us, “The banners came in today, and they look awesome! I can honestly say that I couldn’t have envisioned them coming out any better. You guys did a great job!” As always, our team of professionals was able to yet again knock it out of the park for our customer.

If you need help brightening your image and designing your custom banner, contact us! We’ll help your organization or business craft the ideal message. We can make other custom exterior and interior signage types, too. To find out more, call us at 239.908.0505 or check out our website at Our staff is here to guide you every step of the way to help you achieve graphics greatness, so let us know how we can help you today!

Written by: Spectrum Signworks

Dumpster Banner signs in Naples FL for Construction Sites

Many residential and commercial construction/renovation companies are plagued by the issue of having ugly, rusted dumpsters sitting outside of their projects for months at a time. Simultaneously, they are often not allowed by the city, county, or association to put signs in front of those construction projects to get their company name out in the community. At Spectrum Signworks, we can make the unattractive dumpster more appealing and less of an eye sore. In addition, we can brand your banners with your logo and contact information so your dumpsters can be working for you to get your message out in the community. Best of all, the property owner is happier with you as well because you are bringing a touch of class to the job site, showing that you care about the look of their project from beginning to end. Are you interested in Custom Banners? Contact Spectrum Signworks at (239) 908-0505 to give your dumpsters a makeover!

Class up your construction site

Class up your construction site