6 Tips for Choosing Directional Signs for Your Business

Signs are one of the most important things when it comes to a business. Directional signs are especially important. They help your customers find your office or place of business. Below are six tips that you can use to help with choosing the right directional signs for your business.

1. Keep them Simple

Customers who are seeing your signs will most likely be moving. When you look at motorists it means that you might only have 2 to 5 seconds in which to reach them. This brief window isn’t going to give you the time for transmitting a complex appeal or message. However, it’s going to give you the time needed for identifying your industry and business and displaying your logo.

2. Make Them Clear

Clarity and contrast are very important when it comes to wayfinding signs. Designs with high contrast and simple, large text are going to help the sign to stand out and it will make it much simpler for people to read. It also will help them remember them too.

3. Don’t Leave Any Gaps

Maybe you’re near enough to the main road so that you can use just two signs. If this is the case, it’s great. You should simply be sure that you’re taking time to examine the signs through the eyes of customers. You should also follow the thought patterns of customers. If you haven’t ever been to the door in the past, what questions do you have? If you are finding any gaps in your directions or you’re noticing that your customers get lost, be sure the trail’s patched using new signs so that your customers don’t get lost.

4. Check Out the Local Patterns of Traffic

It may not be helpful to put signs out randomly. You should look at the traffic in the area and then put the signs based on the behavior of pedestrians and drivers. This could mean that you place signs alongside other visual interest points, adding some directional features, putting some additional signs further away so drivers can decelerate and then pull over. You might even want to put the signs on totally different roads if the closest intersection isn’t getting the necessary traffic.

5. Consider Portability

When you’re able to put up permanent signs, that is great, but if you’re going to rely on the temporary signs that you have to move or take in frequently, you will want to think about your storage needed and the weight of the sign. Depending on how cumbersome and heavy the sign is, it could be annoying to do it just for a day much less a week, month, year or longer. Make sure you are buying that suits your needs.

6. Purchase the Best Quality you can afford

Signs that are low quality or cheap-looking could turn potential customers away, or not last as long as you think. High quality signs should draw your customers in and send them the message that you want them to have. If you’re unsure of the type of signs you should choose, think about your favorite businesses and their signs. This can help you with choosing the right one for you.

These are the things that you want to remember when you are buying directional signs. They will help you with choosing the right signs and help your business to be successful.

Questions about Directional Signs?

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