5 Reasons to Choose A Digital Sign for Your Business

If you have a business, you know that having the right sign is very important. But you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to types of signs. Below are five advantages of a digital sign over a traditional sign.

1. Digital Signs are Easy to Update

With digital signs, you can update the sign as often as you need to. You are limited only by the scope of your imagination. The software that comes with your sign allows you to easily communicate the message you want. If your business has a new product to launch, just update your sign. Do you need to help direct visitors in your building? Update your sign with a map or directory. Are you planning an event?  Display a message about it on your digital sign. Digital signs will give you the versatility to update the message quickly and easily at any time. Better yet, your sign can scroll through multiple messages. Traditional signs weren’t made to change easily, and that’s why digital signs are the best choice.

2. Digital Signs are Engaging

Traditional signs cannot engage people the way digital signs can. With interactive dynamic displays, you’ll be able to create attention-grabbing messages. Attract customers to the message of your brand, help them be aware of services and products, and encourage them to tangibly interact with your brand. The sky is the limit. Digital lobby signs are able to transform the experience someone has in your lobby and make it exciting. A traditional sign simply can’t do that.

3. A Digital Sign Will Enhance the Experience for a Visitor

With a digital sign, you’re able to go beyond the display of engaging content that your visitors are able to enjoy. You’re able to meet your guests and visitors in the place they are and offer them information before they’re asking for it. You can even give them supplemental information before they know they want it. Digital signs are a great way that you can showcase your work to potential customers, show your newest products to potential customers, or show proof of the success of your brand. Digital signs will open up many possibilities for enhancing the experiences of your customers.

4. A Digital Sign Can Improve Internal Communication

One of the benefits of a digital sign that is many times overlooked, is how it can improve internal communications. The lobby isn’t just a great place for visitor communication, it also is a wonderful place to communicate essential information to partners and employees. A digital sign will help you with communicating the essential internal information a lot more easily than sending out lots of emails or memos.

Digital signs also can help with making the lives of your employees much easier. Think of retail lobbies, having digital signs can help with displaying answers to common questions that customers have, which saves your employees time as well as freeing employees up so they can get their important tasks done. A digital sign can also help with driving home a brand new marketing initiative which everyone will need to commit to. It can help with getting the information out and greet team members by reminding them in a way that is visually engaging.

5. A Digital Sign Can Help With Growing Your Business

When you use a digital sign in your lobby, it can help with driving revenue. Based on the business you have, the sign in your lobby can be used for gaining advertising revenue or a hub for marketing. But no matter what type of industry you’re in, a digital sign can greatly help you with getting more exposure for your brand.

Digital signs are going to be more expensive upfront than a traditional sign. Consider the digital sign to be an advertising medium. Use a digital sign to upsell certain products or services, advertise weekly specials, or announce upcoming events. Consider selling some advertising space on your digital display to help offset costs. Digital signs are much more vibrant when compared with print advertising. You get the benefit of using movement and sound in the marketing content, helping to drive your message home.

Questions about a Digital Sign?

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