5 Benefits of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Anyone who owns a business knows how important it is to have the right advertising options. Think about how you advertise. You probably advertise online and maybe in the newspaper. But do you have an outdoor sign? If not, you need to think about getting one. Below are 5 benefits of outdoor signs.

Outdoor Signs Create Lasting First Impressions

Outdoor signs are one of the first impressions that a customer has of the business. Since a lot of people will judge books by their covers, an outdoor sign is undoubtedly the most essential advertising type for your business. Keep the content concise and current to attract your audience and make sure you’re placing the sign where it’s visible both to people who are walking and people who are driving. Two-tier, double-sided signs will advertise your message both coming and going.

You’ll be Noticed by New Customers Because of Outdoor Signs

An outdoor sign has to do more than just announce your business. They should be drawing in customers through your doors. A good outdoor sign also may encourage anyone who hasn’t come into your doors before to give your store a chance. It’s also possible that you’ll attract people who were unaware that you were there or what you have to offer. When there are potential customers nearby, it’s good to coax them into your business with special offers and literature which provides additional business information. A magazine holder that’s freestanding that has two tiers and shelves can give you an affordable and easy way to present catalogs, flyers and a lot more to the people who pass by.

Outdoor Signs can Build Awareness of Your Brand

Since the signs often are put where there are people walking or driving by repeatedly, they will give you a unique advantage for advertising. When people are exposed all the time to your brand’s logo, name, and the products or services that you are offering it means that there’s a high level of brand awareness. When people are remembering your brand, it’s going to be a lot more likely that they are going to visit your business when they need the services or products that you are offering.

Outdoor Signs Stimulate Impulse Buys

A great outdoor sign will entice pedestrians and drivers to come to the business, even if they hadn’t planned to do it originally. According to a study, having just one sign can increase your yearly sales by 4.75%. This is due largely to impulse traffic. Choose the outdoor sign that you can easily update so that you can promote your daily specials, current sales, deals that are limited time and other offers that drive impulse buys.

Outdoor Signs are Very Cost Effective

Unlike other types of marketing tactics which come with ongoing costs, usually, an outdoor sign is a onetime expense. When you are adding the unique opportunities for branding and you have a very powerful and amazing one-two punch. Outdoor signs is a great investment for any business, no matter how big or small they are. With a lot of different types of signs available, you can find signs to suit your budget, whether you’re getting a new sign, putting up the very first one or adding more signs.

As you can see, outdoor signs have a lot to offer. If you don’t have one for your business, you are losing out on a lot of benefits. Choose the right type of sign for you and your business and you are going to notice a huge difference.

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