5 Reasons to Choose Signs Over Flyers

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have considered the different types of advertising and marketing available. From making radio ads and commercials to doing online advertising to getting flyers, there’s a lot of options for getting the information about your business to the public. One way of advertising and marketing that’s so effective is custom signs. Below are some of the reasons why custom signs are better than flyers.

1. Signs Only a One-Time Cost

When it comes to successful advertising and marketing, one thing you want to do is to implement an option that gives you a high ROI. The majority of advertising types will require a lot of money, time and other kinds of resources. This is true when it comes to flyers. It’s true that you’re going to spend time with designing your flyers and a lot of money for printing enough out to hand out. But when you choose a sign, you’ll only have to pay one time and the sign will work effortlessly for you each day.

2. Signs are More Eco-Friendly

If you want to choose a way that’s better for the environment, signs will be a better choice. When you rely on flyers for marketing, you’re going to waste ink and paper that is going to probably be thrown out. Signs are able to give you the exposure and not use up a lot of resources that can harm the environment.

3. Signs Demand Attention

When someone is walking or driving by the business, a well-lit and well-designed sign that’s in a place that is prominent will demand everyone’s attention. They may not stop in, but that sign is going to catch their attention, hopefully making a good impression that will last. But if you use flyers, they can be ignored very easily. They may not read them, throw them in the trash, or first crumple them before they put them somewhere they forget about looking at them. Investing in a good sign will be a lot better for business.

4. Signs Advertise 24/7 and 365

Sometimes a flyer is effective but they’re not consistent. You have to have constantly giving them out and also the right person has to see it. But if you choose a sign, there is no wrong time or place. The sign is going to expose people to your business all of the time. When you choose one that’s displayed properly and large enough, it can even capture peoples’ attention when they aren’t close. This isn’t something you’re going to get from flyers, since someone has to be near the flyer to read it.

5. Signs Do the Work

Unlike flyers, which you have to pass out, the work is done by the sign. Your sign is going to be what draws people in and makes them interested in what you have to sell. Rather than spend time passing out your flyers, let your ‘employee’ do the work and you’ll find you’re drawing people in.

These are the five good reasons to choose a sign over flyers for advertising your business. When you choose a good sign, you’ll discover that you are being successful and that your business is booming. The sign will pay for itself in no time.

Questions about Signs?

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