A Short Guide to Sign Repair and Replacement

Is it too soon to replace your sign? Deciding whether to fix a broken sign or spring for a new one often feels like an expensive guess. Is repair your best choice in the long run, or would a newer, more efficient sign system offer you the functionality and dependability you’ve been looking for?

Repair vs. Replace

There’s no need to throw away good money on a bad sign. In fact, repairing broken signs or keeping them going as long as possible isn’t always the best way to save money.

When determining repair vs. replacement, there are many considerations. Below are the steps that you can expect when you want to have your sign repaired.

1. Inspect Sign Construction

Before fixing your sign, it will have to be inspected in a multi step process. The goal is to make sure the basic structure of the sign is sound. If the sign is a wooden post and there’s splintered or rotting material that the supporting structure won’t be able to be restored. This is true if you have a sign made of aluminum and it’s being held together using duct tape.

2. Code Adherence

Signs that are lit up will have to meet certain code requirements. Even though its grandfathered in if it’s operating safe and sound, when you want to restore it you’ll have to make sure that the electrical wiring or structure is to code.

3. Cost Estimate

After step one and two are done, you will receive an estimate for the cost of the repair. The estimate should be simple to read and detailed the costs from the beginning to end. The estimate will explain the labor that’s involved, the materials that will be needed, and additional expenses that may be incurred. You might also know the cost to completely replace your sign. Even though repairing your sign is usually less expensive, the figures are sometimes close.


Once the three steps are done above, you will make the choice whether you want to repair it or it needs to be replaced. Based on how much it’s damaged and whether or not it’s up to code, you may have to have it replaced instead.

Questions about Sign Repair?

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