A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Vehicle Wrap

One of the best ways that you can advertise your business is through using vehicle wraps. They’re affordable and they constantly advertise your business. Maintenance is very important though, and you should know how to properly maintain your vehicle wraps. Below are some maintenance tips that you can use for keeping your vehicle wrap looking great:

Wash the Vehicle Regularly

Washing your vehicle and any graphics that are on it by hand on a regular basis is one thing you should do when you’re maintaining your wrap. You should use clean water and some mild detergent to wash it by hand. It’s not a good idea to pressure wash it. Using some high pressure on the vehicle wrap can often cause it to come up around its edges, as well as degrade its face film. That face film’s what ensures the graphic is luster and without the film, your wrap may crack.

Test the Solution

Before you wash your whole vehicle, use a tiny amount of your solution on a little section on your wrap before you apply it to your whole vehicle. This will make sure that it’s not going to harm the graphics. Some of the products that are made for washing a vehicle often can lead to problems with your vinyl graphics. A good choice is a biodegradable car wash, since they aren’t as harmful to the earth chances are they won’t be acidic on your vinyl graphics.

Read the Labels

Make sure that you’re reading the warning labels on your products that you are using to see if there are any safety instructions or cautions about whether it’s safe to use on a wrap.

Begin at the Top

When you wash your car, start at its top and go towards its bottom using a soap and water blend. After this, use clear water and let the contaminants and dirt to run right off of your wrap. You can use Joy or Dawn dish soap and a microfiber sponge, too!

Let It Air Dry

The best way for your wrapped vehicle to dry is through drying in the sun. You can also use microfiber cloths with some soft pressure once you have washed it. Make sure you don’t scratch your vinyl or lift the edges.

Keep the Vehicle Covered

It’s a good idea to keep your wrapped vehicle under a canopy or in a garage overnight. It’s not always possible, since you want to show your vehicle off. But as time goes by your wrap is going to fade because it’s always exposed to the sun’s rays.

Common Mistakes of Maintaining a Wrapped Vehicle

  • Allowing corrosive substances like fuels to remain on your wrap for a long time. Any spills that you find should be cleaned as quickly as possible using water and soap, a cleaner that is citrus based, or even rubbing alcohol.
  • Using any kind of polish, wax, carbon fiber or matte on your vinyl graphics.
  • Using a pressure washer or mechanical brush on your vinyl.
  • Letting it sit dirty for a long amount of time.


When you follow the guidelines outlined in this article, it will make your wrap last longer. But just as it is with other signs and cars, they’re going to wear out as time passes. The great thing about vehicle wraps it that it will preserve the car’s original clear coat and paint and you can wrap it over again.

If you have a business, one of the best things that you can do is to wrap your vehicle so that you have a constant advertisement. When you use the tips above and avoid the mistakes, you’ll find that your vehicle wrap is lasting longer and paying for itself quickly.

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