NAPLES, FL – ATTN: Commercial Real Estate Agents – Signs the Times are Changing


  This article is for commercial real estate agents and commercial real estate companies who might need updated signage.  If you aren’t sure if your signage has become outdated, we have a few ‘signs’ listed below to help you determine whether or not it’s time to update your signage.


Your competition’s signage has changed. 

Most commercial real estate signs are pretty simple and straightforward, like the ones in the pictures featured in this article. But advances in signage technology have made it easy to think outside the box and build signs that are more attractive, higherimage(1) resolution and that feature custom shapes, all in an effort to make sure that the signs get noticed.

Your web address is not on your signs.

Some of our commercial real estate clients have preferred to keep their signs simple and only list a company name and phone number. For internal reasons, these clients prefer to have inquiries come in via the phone. But with the whole world becoming digitized so fast, it’s quite possible you could be missing out on business just by not having your web address listed. People want to take a look and check things out on their own terms, and then make a decision, and part of establishing your credibility with today’s commercial real estate market is having a website. If your web address isn’t on your signs, they may not find it.

Your email address, a QR code, or “Text for Info” is not on your signs.

Are you utilizing the latest technoloimage(2)gy to help you sell your properties? We can add your email address, a QR code, or “Text for Info” numbers on your signs to make you easy to reach by potential buyers, tenants, or investors. The easier you are to reach, the more business you can close.

At Spectrum Signworks, we manufacture your signs right here in our facility in North Naples. We can install them at your commercial site quickly and we also offer removal and storage. Let us put together a custom sign package for your commercial real estate business.

If you have questions about commercial real estate signs, or any other types of signs, please give us a call!



Written by: Spectrum Signworks